Assessment and Appraisal in Counselling

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CON 231
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- Delineate the nature, process, underlying assumption and principles of psychological assessment.
- Apply different techniques of psychological assessment in guidance and counselling.
- Develop skill of administration scoring and interpretation of psychological test.

Unit I: 
Introduction to the Concept of Mental Measurement

Measurement scale: Nominal, Ordinal, Interval and ratio. Psychological testing: history, definitions, uses and types of psychological tests

Unit II: 
Characteristics of a Good Psychological Test

Objectivity, standardization, Norms

Unit III: 
Test Standardization

Reliability, validity and item analysis.

Unit IV: 
Interpreting Test Scores

Types of Norms, Development of norms.

Unit V: 
Assessment Techniques in Measurement

1. Personality
2. General abilities
3. Special abilities
4. Assessment in Educational set up
5. Mental Health Batteries