Activity : Listening Circles

Start Date: 
Saturday, 15 October 2022
Start Time: 
12:45 pm
Ojas Hall

The Department of Psychology organized an activity for the students of the Department of Psychology on 15th October 2022. The invited speakers were  Mr. Arpit Sharma and Ms. Ranu Jain, founders of  Mano Matrix. Mano Matrix is a service & mind wellness center. They talk about it! a lot of things, first they started off by talking about their counseling services & their internship programme that for how much time this programme is of & what things will intern learn experience in this programme. After that started with the activity. The activity was "Listening Circles" an activity which provides students to speak & listen to each other in an atmosphere. of safety, decomum & equality.

In this activity students were sitting in a circle & each student has to write about some certain things which gave them anxiety in a piece of paper & then everyone has to throw that chit in the middle, then one by one each student has to come & pick up a chit & have to say what things they'll get & how they'll be solving that problem & another thing was that the problems they were discussing were totally anonymous • The experience was amazing as the 0 students have learnt a lot of new things like how they'll solve certain issues & also get to know by the mentors of mano matrix how actually they can solve that problem. This also helps the students to learn & understand better about how to deal with these situations.