Creativity of the core: Behavioral analysis of the criminal minds

Start Date: 
Monday, 19 September 2022
Start Time: 
01:45 pm
Room No C-205

An interactive Group Discussion session was organized by the Discipline of Psychology in collaboration with Ellipses, the Literary and Debating Society of the university on the 19th of Sept’22. The title of the discussion was “ Creativity of the core: Behavior analysis of the criminal minds. Students came flooding to attend this group discussion and participated enthusiastically. These curious minds were very eager to solve the deepest conspiracy theories and unsolvable mysteries. Some Netflix series were also discussed during the event with ‘Serial killers’ being a prominent topic.

The judges, hosts and students interjected with each other creating an absolutely amazing debating environment.

As the event came to an end, a quiz was organized on the discussion done prior. Many bewildering questions such as “Most serial killers show some similarities in their personalities and behaviours. How would you recognize them if you ever cross paths?” and “Do you agree with the fact that every serial killer is a sociopath, sadist, psychopath or have some mental illness?” were asked.

This event was overall a great success as students enthusiastically took part in debating. They showcased their talent, knowledge and research