Field visit to "Umang: An initiative towards rehabilitation of persons with disability"

Start Date: 
Monday, 6 February 2023
Start Time: 
(All day)
Umang School, Mansarovar, Jaipur

The IIS (deemed to be) University's Department of Psychology organised a field visit to "Umang: An initiative towards rehabilitation of persons with disability" on 6 February 2023 for PG Sem II students specializing in counselling psychology.

The activity was organized to provide the students with exposure to the rehabilitation setting of special children. 11 students along with a staff member of the Psychology department visited the school.

This visit has given us much knowledge and first-hand experience in the field of special schools. We understood the process of teaching and managing disabled students during this visit. These schools acclimatize the method of educating students who necessitate special requirements in a manner that speaks to their individual disparities and desires. We saw that the teaching procedure in this special school entails a separately designed and methodically scrutinized compilation of coaching assessments, custom-made tools and equipment, along with accessible settings. These intrusions are intended to aid students having special needs in attaining an advanced level of individual self-reliance and achievement in school, college and their society.

Teachers at this school have grouped the ordinary special needs of students. These disabilities include communication disabilities, learning disabilities, poignant and behavioural muddles intellectual disabilities, autism and cerebral palsy. They believe that their students are expected to be benefited from certain special forms of education such as different materialization of coaching, the exploitation of the latest technologies, or an exclusively customized training place. We found that this school has broadly categorized their approaches into three major groups- interventional, academic and vocational, depending on the disability level of a student. School director Mrs Deepak Kalra gave us a brief about the school and Ms Shaifali elaborately explained these groups so as to make us more acknowledged with their work policies.

We got a great opportunity to conduct an activity for the kids in which we taught them to make aeroplanes and paper bags. We along with the children and staff enjoyed a lot as these moments were precious and heart warming at the same time.

We understood many major aspects regarding the special school. We truly feel proud of those teachers who try their best for educating students who have several kinds of disabilities.