Guest Lecture on ''Building mental health task force and strengthening community''

Start Date: 
Tuesday, 20 September 2022
Start Time: 
01:00 pm
A.V. Hall

An interactive session was organized by the Discipline of Psychology in collaboration with the co-founders and principal counsellors of the Mano Matrix Counseling Services and Mental Wellness Center, Mr. Arpit Sharma and Ms. Ranu Jain.

The session began with them interacting with the audience on how they started the first counselling center in Rajasthan because they were surprised to find there were none that provided these services exclusively and proceeded with introducing everyone to a project called Rahat, which aims at building a mental health task force and providing free mental health support to all with ease and comfort. Under this project, they have 70+ interns that provide free mental health support both online and offline and added that they would like to enrol more interns to make project Rahat reach a larger audience.

Their main focus in counselling is on ethics in the field and adopting an eclectic approach to therapy and they also pay great attention to trauma, grief and queer affirmative counselling. Along with this, their organization also provides NET classes for students and they organize weekly webinars to teach basic mental health-related concepts to people from around the country who join.

Winding up the session, they talked about their future plans which included collaboration with CWC (child welfare community), UNICEF, and child care institutes since they’re in need of counsellors and psychologists and want to open mental health cells in colleges and organizations.