Guest Lecture on ''Environmental Psychology''

Start Date: 
Friday, 2 September 2022
Start Time: 
11:15 am
Room No - E-201

The Discipline of Psychology organized a session on Interdisciplinary aspects within Environmental Psychology and Environmental Science to enrich the Honours students about the various avenues of environmental psychology. Environmental psychology, being an emerging area, is not popularly known and the students are unaware of the career aspects in the same. Dr Tambi provided insight into the subject matter of Environmental Psychology, its interdisciplinary nature, the wide scope and applicability to the different areas of day-to-day life, such as architecture, home designing, green law (the legal line, dedicated to cases pertaining to environmental issues), environmental market research analysis, environmental planning, environmental health and safety management, climate/ecosystem analysis, and a lot more.

The session was thoroughly enjoyed by students and they inquisitively cleared their doubts. It was indeed an enlightening session for students, which widened their vision about this area of psychology.

The session ended with a formal vote of thanks.