GUEST LECTURE- It’s People’s Play

Start Date: 
Saturday, 18 March 2017
Start Time: 
11:00 am
AV Hall


GUEST LECTURE- It’s People’s Play

Resource Person: Mr. Anup Mittal,AGM Retail Sales,Vodafone,India

A guest lecture was held for students of HRM, IB and Psychology Department of the university in the AV hall in which the key note speaker MR MITTAL was welcomed with the token of gratitude. After welcome note the lecture on topic ‘people’s play’ commenced where Mr Mittal discussed about how people make difference between today and future, how change in environment can affect individuals capacity and capability, with example of reducing of reading capability when the number of bulb reduces, he also discussed about Hawthorne Effect (alteration of behavior by the subjects of a study due to their awareness of being observed). He discussed further about Organizational Behavior (which refers to individual behavior in a group), he also explained that for being successful in any field it’s important to understand other people’s perspective for which wisdom is required to think beyond and make decisions. He also talked about HBR (Harvard Business Review) and discussed the concept of continual growth and continuous improvement and how both are different from each other. He also talked about how continual growth is better than continuous improvement as in continual growth we stabilize at each achievement and even if we fail we come back to previous instead of starting it all again from the beginning.

Overall it was a great learning and enriching experience for us as a masters student as we are ready to step in professional world where right attitude and understanding of others perspectives and wisdom to think beyond and make decisions is equally important as skills required in the different professions.