Guest Lecture on Mental Health Awareness: Identifying Mental disorders around us

Start Date: 
Saturday, 31 August 2019
Start Time: 
11:00 pm
AV Hall

The guest lecture by Dr. Monika Sharma on the Mental health awareness; Identifying Mental disorders around us was conducted on 31st august 2019, in the A.V. Hall. 

The session was commenced with a fun-filled activity for a better insight to one's feelings, emotions, strengths and weaknesses. 

In the lecture signs of emerging illnesses were unfolded. Various ways to observe signs around us, in friends, loved ones and family etc. for the issues like anxiety, suicide and depression were discussed. Symptoms for depression, anxiety and suicide were also briefed. Also, several do's and don'ts and different steps to be taken to help assist a person in problem were also told. In the end there was also a 'slammer session', which helped everyone realise certain mistakes they make while helping others and also what could be the better and polite way to do the same. Overall the session was very informative and interesting. As many of the people in the audience aspired to be psychologists, so the lecture was very educative and eye-opener for everyone.