Mental Health Day Celebration

Start Date: 
Monday, 10 October 2022
Start Time: 
10:30 am
University Stage Area & Lawn

The Department of Psychology of lIS deemed to be University Jaipur, organized and celebrated World Mental Health Day on 10th October. Different stalls were put up to create awareness regarding mental health.Several activities were conducted to promote positive psychology. These were:

Captain Catharsis. In this participants were asked to jot down their negative feelings on a paper and then crumble it.

Another activity was “Piece of Positivity”. In this positive quotes were put in the glass bowl and participants were asked to pick one of them.

“BeYOUtiful as You Are” was the next activity to create awareness about Body Positivity.

Oh, Give Thanks! was an activity in which the participants were instructed to write about the things they feel grateful for and put their thumb impressions.

 Ok DOODLE was a fun activity in which participants indulged in creating doodles and characters. As a part of Art therapy.

I’ve got the Power includes self-love spin & Stroop test. Self-love spin included many small tasks which they can include in their day-to-day life to improve self love & care for.

Stroop Task was a game activity about colour stimulus and perception.

Clay it COOL was an activity associated with Art therapy. Participants made beautiful models of cartoons and animals with clay. Projecting there inner feelings with art.

The activity was conducted at the Stage & Lawn area of the campus where participation was voluntary. And in the end activity feedback was taken from all the participants and the response was very overwhelming.