MENTAL HEALTH WEEK- Anger and Stress Management Activity

Start Date: 
Monday, 18 October 2021
Start Time: 
(All day)
Stage Area

The Department of Psychology and Counseling and Career Development Center (CCDC), IIS (deemed to be University) Jaipur, organized and celebrated Mental Health Week from 18th October– 22nd October 2021. Different stalls were put up to create awareness regarding positive mental health and one of them was for anger and stress management.

In this, two activities were conducted. One of them was "Self-control bubble" game in which participants were explained that some bubbles will be blown in the air. Initially, they could touch or pop them. Once all the bubbles were popped, they were instructed that some more bubbles will be blown, but this time they must not pop (not touch) the bubbles. They were then explained that the feeling of really wanting to do something but holding back is self-control. It was explained in connection with real life situations. It was intended to explain the importance of resisting temptations and inhibiting impulses.

The another activity was "Burst the balloon" game in which participants were told to blow a balloon and write all their insecurities and stressors on the balloon and finally burst it. The participants were told about the importance of the activity (Venting out, being aware of your stressors etc.).

The activity was conducted at the Stage area of the campus where the participation was voluntary. There were total of 162 participants. The participants were first registered for the activity and then were asked to choose between either of the two activities.

After the conduction of the activity, feedback was taken from all the participants and the response was very overwhelming. 

Total Beneficiaries- 162