One Day Workshop on ‘WAIS’

Start Date: 
Saturday, 5 November 2022
Start Time: 
09:30 am
A.V. Hall

On 5th November 2022, The Department of Psychology was privileged to have organized a workshop by Pearson Education on Wechsler Adult Intelligence. It was a one-day workshop. It was our honour and pleasure to have Ms Gagandeep Kaur as the resource person for the workshop. She is a renowned Double Gold Medalist with M.Phil in Clinical Psychology from IHBAS Delhi University. She has Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma's Presidential Gold Medal to her credit. She is a veteran in the field of psychology. She has been conducting workshops, and publishing books and articles. She has also done various projects with WHO and UNICEF. She strongly believes that early identification, intervention and developing skills, and empowering people is the key to having a psychologically healthy society. During the workshop, she enlightened the students with an interminable amount of knowledge and exposure to the field. WAIS-IV is an imperative psychological test and under Ma’am’s supervision, the process of learning and understanding it was exceedingly enhanced. She started briefing the students from the building blocks of intelligence or the theoretical basis, proceeding further to the administration and conduction, and finally scoring and interpretation. The students were also instructed about report writing. Ma’am also directed them about the nuances of the test, and every do’s and don’ts were discussed. The workshop was an insightful session for each and everyone in the room. Her command over the topic and field has been a torch-bearer to all the students there