Skill Building Workshop on ''Basic Life Support''

Start Date: 
Friday, 3 March 2023
Start Time: 
(All day)
The road safety cell and Skill Lab, SMS Hospital Jaipur

The workshop and training in "Basic life support and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation" was held on 3rd March by the State Road Safety Cell, Transport & Road Safety Department of Rajasthan in collaboration with SMS Hospital Jaipur at Trauma Centre SMS Hospital. The Purpose of the event was to train and educate the students about the primary measure to be taken as a responsible citizens in a situation like Cardiac arrest, road accident injuries and other physical trauma. The goal of the event was not just to provide skilful knowledge but also to train every student to apply it when required. The event was a great success. Initially, we were given insight into life and death followed by an example of cardiac arrest, and it gave a zest that in a situation like that lack of knowledge about basic life support and minor negligence lead to death.

Then we were trained in CPR and what are the compulsory steps which should be followed for the safety of the victim as well as the first responder. The event was on just limited to that, we were made to learn about the process of organ donation and misconceptions related to it including the role of SOTTO and NOTTO in human welfare. We were also trained in how we can tackle an unconscious person taking proper measures and saving any cervical injury. Then the 3rd phase of the event where we were taught dealing with major physical injuries like fracture, road accident, bullet shot and other traumas. The event embedded numerous skills in the students in an interactive way with a practical approach. The students were then bestowed with certificates of completion in training. With all reverence, we'd spread the knowledge and skills in the right way in human welfare learnt in the event to build a strong and successful community.