Workshop on Mindfulness

Start Date: 
Tuesday, 15 January 2019
Start Time: 
(All day)
Aaditya Hall

The Department of psychology organised a workshop on ‘mindfulness’ held on 15 th -16 th January 2019 at University Campus. The workshop was attended by students of undergraduate and postgraduate stream of psychology .The students had the opportunity to brush up their thoughts under the guidance of Dr. Ajay Kumar(PhD assistant Professor ,from NIMHANS, Bengluru). Sir Ajay Kumar gave a talk about core beliefs .He emphasised on selective abstraction by which he means paying undue attention to one negative detail instead of seeing the whole picture .The prime importance was given on metacognition which is cognition applied to cognition and nature of mindfulness and its beliefs. He gave an account on MBI’s and MBCT which involves attention regulation ,non-judgemental awareness of thoughts and designed to target vulnerability processes playing a causative role in depressive relapse . The workshop proved very fruitful for students as they came to know the theoretical as well as practical aspects of mindfulness.

Objective of the workshop/seminar/activity: To enable students to learn various forms of mindfulness meditation like Body Scan Meditation., sitting Mindfulness, Eating Mindfulness and Walking Mindfulness via., practicing.

Outcome of the activity/event/seminar/workshop: Students came to know the theoretical as well as practical aspects of mindfulness