Guest Lecture on "Careers in Psychology"

The Department of Psychology in collaboration with Manomatrix counselling and well-being centre organized a guest lecture on 13th march 2023 on the topic “Careers in Psychology” in which various topics including the required skills and educational qualifications of major and minor domains of psychology were discussed. The speaker for the session was Mr. Arpit Sharma, founder of Manomatrix and Ms. Ranu Jain, managing head, Manomatrix. The lecture also emphasised on government policies and employability prospects and community building. 

The topics discussed were as follows-


Various active skills such as active listening, patience, constant learning attitude, empathy, collaboration, time management are required in order to work as a successful psychologist.

Careers in Psychology

Careers in psychology were classified into 4 major domains, namely, Academic, Research, Licensing and Social work.

Major information and new opportunities about the field work were introduced about organisational Psychology, counselling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, PsD, Psych-oncology, Forensic Psychology, Sports Psychology, Military Psychology,, psychometrician, vocational Counselling, Animal Assisted Therapy, Assistant Professor, CBT Therapist, Airforce Psychologist, Queer Psychologist, NGO/NPO- EVGC, DRDO, UNICEF.

A captivating and appealing Q/A session was followed after the in-detail discussion over the fields

Moreover, the session was quite intriguing and well informed.