Perspectives in Mental Health

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PSY 325(Group A)
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  1. To acquaint the students with the nature and significance of the emerging area of mental health psychology within a life-span perspective.
  2. To highlight the importance of social and psychological processes in the experience of health and illness.
  3. To focus on the behavioral risk factors vis-à-vis disease prevention and health promotion.
Unit I: 
Community Psychology

Historical Contexts, understanding social systems – an ecological view.

Unit II: 

Community Mental Health in relation to Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology. Coping and Positive Mental health, Community Psychology and roots to psychological wellness.

Unit III: 

Community Mental Health in India. Mental Health Act (Latest) and its implications

Unit IV: 

Preventions in Mental Health (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary) Crisis Intervention, Mental Health Consultation, the role of NGO’s & Self Help groups in Community Mental Health.

Unit V: 
Community Based Health Interventions

 Features, Settings and strategies.

Essential Readings: 
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